"We are the Palestinian refugees", a film by Agnès Merlet

Country : Lebanon

Tags : documentary, Refugees, Palestine

Fine Arts studies, training at IDHEC and an atypical career in film:  Agnès Merlet explores her themes with the greatest attention to detail. Her feature films include Son of the Shark (1993), Artemisia (1997), with Michel Serrault, Dorothy (2008) and Hideaways (2011) – worlds away from the realm in which she immersed herself for ARTE Reportage.

The setting for the director's new film is the Burj el-Barajneh refugee camp, in the southern suburbs of Beirut. A city in the city filled to bursting with 30,000 people and their cargo of hopes and dreams. With We are the Palestinian refugees, Agnès Merlet depicts the repetitive everyday grind of inhabitants in the labyrinth of the camp, where life never stops, both day and night. A documentary in which we rediscover the emblematic themes of Agnès Merlet's work: a feeling of abandonment, being cursed by fate, imprisonment.