They have filmed their corner of paradise. What about you?

Country : European Union

Tags : #ClimateOps, climate change

Since mid-May, you have sent us videos from all over Europe. From Connemara to the Bosphorus, from Lake Baikal to Andalusia through Aveyron. Selfies, film clips, skits, short films… Funny or full of love, offbeat, contemplative or outraged. Here are some of the videos we have received that highlight the diversity of this project.

Jo lives in the city, but his heart beats for the superb landscapes arround Borrowdale in north-eastern England, where floodings caused major damages in 2009.



The Danish coast isn’t all about the Little Mermaid. Héloïse is also crazy about it!



If you’re not allergic to birch, come and follow Larisa into the wild and bright Finnish forest.



And we ask for more! At home or on holidays, show us and tell us about this natural place that is special to you.