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Country : Chad, Irak, Lebanon, Nepal

Tags : Refugees, Photography, Comic, Literature, documentary, UNHCR

Watch ARTE Reportage on Saturday (at 6.35 pm in France - 5.05 pm in Germany) from September to December, to discover the original accounts of film producers, photographers and writers.


Nepal, Beldangi camp

"Let my people go", a documentary by Régis Wargnier, September 13

"Oeil pour oeil", with the photographer Martin Middlebrook, September 20

"Mot pour mot", with the writer Fatou Diome, September 27


- Régis Wargnier behind the scenes

- Martin Middlebrook’s captioned portfolio

- Fatou Diome’s essays

- Nicolas Wild’s comic strip

- Report from the ground in Nepal


Iraq, Kawergosk camp

"The Lost Time", a documentary by Pierre Schoeller, October 11

"Oeil pour oeil", with Reza, October 18

"Mot pour mot", with Laurent Gaudé, October 25

Online: watch Reza’s portfolio, read Laurent Gaudé’s essays and poems and Reinhard Kleist’s comic strip, report from the ground in Iraq


Lebanon, Burj El Barajneh camp

"We Palestinian refugees", a documentary by Agnès Merlet, November 15

"Oeil pour oeil", with Christina Malkoun, November 22

"Mot pour mot", with Atiq Rahimi, November 29

Online: watch Christina Malkoun’s portfolio, read Atiq Rahimi’s essays and Didier Kassaï’s comic strip, report from the ground in Lebanon.


Chad, Bredjing camp

"Oeil pour oeil", with Laurent Van der Stockt, December 6

"Mot pour mot", with Uwe Timm, December 13

Claire Denis' documentary, December 20

Online: watch the portfolios of ten refugees, read Damien Glez’ comic strip and Uwe Timm’s essays.


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