Refugees - Nepal

5 September 2014

To illustrate the diversity of this new reality, ARTE journalists chose four different locations in Nepal, Iraq, Lebanon and Chad. In each refugee camp, a film director, a photographer, a writer and a cartoonist were given free rein to describe their experiences. Their work is being shown on television Saturdays in ARTE Reportage and on the ARTE Info website – each time taking you to a new destination from September through December.

"Let my people go", by Régis Wargnier

The destiny of Dhan, his wife Wangchuk and their daughters Shreejana and Sandhiya, a Bhutanese refugee family that has decided to emigrate to the United States. 

Photography img_9785.jpg

Through the eyes of Martin Middlebrook

Discover the photographic narrative of the five days the British photographer spent at Beldangi refugee camp in Nepal.

Comic book
The drawings of Nicolas Wild

Discover his graphic story about his encounters at Beldangi refugee camp in Nepal as well as an interview about his experiences below.

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