Refugees - Iraq

3 October 2014

To illustrate the diversity of this new reality, ARTE journalists chose four different locations in Nepal, Iraq, Lebanon and Chad. In each refugee camp, a film director, a photographer, a writer and a cartoonist were given free rein to describe their experiences. Their work is being shown on television Saturdays in ARTE Reportage and on the ARTE Info website – each time taking you to a new destination from September through December.

"The Lost Time", by Pierre Schoeller

The film director Pierre Schoeller, noted for his film "The Minister", has chosen to show the raw truth: by entrusting his cameras to a few refugees who filmed their daily, private lives, he delivers a strong and raw film for ARTE Reportage about the Kawergosk refugee camp in Iraqi Kurdistan.
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5 days in Kawergosk with Laurent Gaudé

The French writer and playwright likes to lend his voice to those who do not have one. He has met men who have told him of the work they have lost, of the boredom that fills their days. He has met women who fight to keep their tents clean in the middle of a mudfield.
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The Kawergosk's children drawing workshop

Reinhard Kleist organised a drawing workshop for the refugee children at the Kawergosk camp. Here is their work.

"Kawergosk - 5 stars", a graphic novel by Reinhard Kleist

Reinhard Kleist, a cartoonist from Berlin, tells of his immersion in the Kawergosk Syrian refugee camp with his pencil and with his words. 

The eye of Reza

Discover Reza’s photographs. Recognized the world over for his photos and his humanitarian commitment, he has travelled all over the Kawergosk refugee camp for us.

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The Kawergosk children’s photo workshop

Reza, special correspondent for ARTE Reportage at the Kawergosk camp, brought books and about fifteen cameras to introduce photography to a group of young refugees. Here is their work.
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