Refugees - Chad

8 November 2014

To illustrate the diversity of this new reality, ARTE journalists chose four different locations in Nepal, Iraq, Lebanon and Chad. In each refugee camp, a film director, a photographer, a writer and a cartoonist were given free rein to describe their experiences. Their work is being shown on television Saturdays in ARTE Reportage and on the ARTE Info website – each time taking you to a new destination from September through December.

Ten refugees describe their daily life in Breidjing camp

Sent by ARTE Reportage to the Breidjing camp for Darfur refugees in eastern Chad, the photoreporter Laurent Van Der Stockt organized a workshop and handed out cameras to ten refugees, male and female, aged from 10 to 33.

Comic glez-planche.jpg

"Breidjing - Life in the middle of nowhere", by Damien Glez

ARTE Reportage decided to top up the professional cartoonist's already full appointment diary by giving this French-Burkinabe a rather unusual assignment: produce a comic-strip report in the camp for Darfur refugees in Breidjing.

The schedule on air and online

Nepal, Iraq, Lebanon, Chad: follow our filmmakers, photographers and writers in the refugee camps around the world, on Saturday with ARTE Reportage. And learn more on ARTE Info. 


Five days in Breidjing refugee camp with German writer Uwe Timm

For ARTE Reportage, German writer Uwe Timm tells the stories of the refugees in Breidjing camp. 

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