"The Lost Time", by Pierre Schoeller

Country : Irak

Tags : Pierre Schoeller, Kurdistan, documentary

It was barely a few weeks after the Kawergosk camp had been established when Pierre Schoeller found himself standing in the middle of its muddy pathways, being beaten by the wind. The director was not there to film a fictional tale but a documentary—his first—on the daily life of Kurdish refugees who had fled Syria. He chose the raw truth by entrusting his cameras to a few refugees, who shot raw footage of their days and their nights.

Men, women, and children who have become history’s wanderers in spite of themselves. Nothing to do with the characters he portrays in his film "Versailles" (2008); nothing to do with the men drunk with power in "The Minister", either, and even so… In "The Lost Time", we see the tenderness that Pierre Schoeller can have for his heroes. Here he gives us endearing scenes of everyday life, moving testimonies, all while revealing the dignity with which the Kawergosk camp residents endure their situation.

Immersed in Kawergosk for a few days, the director gives us his impressions in this bonus clip filmed in the camp. He recounts what touched him and what he will take away from these few days spent with the refugees.

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