"Kawergosk - 5 stars", a graphic novel by Reinhard Kleist

Country : Irak

Tags : UNHCR, Comic, Refugees, Kurdistan

Reinhard Kleist likes to tell stories through drawing. The illustrator from Berlin has cultivated a particular taste for biographies: Johnny Cash ("Cash - I See a Darkness"), Elvis Presley ("Elvis - Die illustrierte Biographie"), Fidel Castro ("Castro"), as well as the multi-award winning graphic novel "Harry Haft" ("Der Boxer"), the true story of a Jewish boxer who fights for his survival in a Nazi concentration camp. This time, he tells us his own story, one of a German cartoonist plunged into the twenty-first century universe of a Syrian refugee camp in the North of Iraq.

In the only place where one can drink tea in the Kawergosk camp, the cartoonist Reinhard Kleist tells us about his encounters with the refugees.

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