The eye of Reza, photographer

Country : Irak

Tags : Reza, Refugees, Photography, Kurdistan

This is a country he knows. This is suffering he has encountered numerous times and that he has photographed for many years… If Reza knows how to capture people’s despair, it is perhaps because he himself has lived through the wounds of exile. From the time he had to leave Iran in 1981, Reza has tirelessly photographed wars and the suffering they cause. He, who has become one of the most recognised international photojournalists, has borne witness to the refugee situations throughout the world for 35 years. His photographic work and his humanitarian commitment have been distinguished many times over. Arriving in the newly established camp, Reza came with an idea: introducing children to photography. He then organised a workshop, all while investigating the camp pathways for his portfolio.

"In the eye of Reza", photographer
Last modification the 8 December 2016