In the eye of Martin Middlebrook, photographer

Country : Nepal

Tags : Refugees, Photography

The British photographer has spent most of the past few years in Afghanistan with his camera, following his personal philosophy: “People are better than we allow, we should represent humanity more honestly in our images. We have the gift within our hands to produce images that lend a weight of assistance. This is what I try to do.” He is the first phototographer invited to our project "Refugees".

The British photographer Martin Middlebrook started out as a commercial photographer. Today, he lives in Paris. In 2010, the Afghan government asked him to put on a photography exhibition with an accompanying book for the International Conference in Kabul, which was later shown at the British Museum. From his travels he has assembled a collection of black and white portraits: “Afghanistan – From the Other Side”.

 Discover the photographic narrative of the five days he spent at Beldangi refugee camp in Nepal.


In ARTE Reportage the program “Oeil pour Oeil” has been devoted to him and his journey in Nepal. 



Last modification the 8 December 2016