Discover the film "Our beloved treasures"!

Country : Europäische Union

Tags : cop21, Climate Ops, climate change

"Operation Climate" becomes "Our beloved treasures", a documentary that will be aired on ARTE on 24 November, that you can discover below, as of now and until 23 January .



"One spring Sunday, you receive an sms from Blandine Grosjean asking you to call her for "a fairly urgent documentary". You ring back, and find out about Blandine and her project. You accept. Her proposal is exciting.


On 17 August, you get together in a small, windowless room with an editing desk and a few hundred videos in several tens of languages. Starting three months ago, one floor up just above our heads, a fantastic team has been working hard to encourage any interested people, wherever they live in Europe, to send a strong message, supplemented by a few drawings, sounds or a voice-over if necessary, that then has to be translated.


On 1 September, as a film starts to take shape, 200 new videos are added to the first instalment (for which you don't yet have all the rushes).


By 1 October, you've viewed them all, added subtitles, re-edited and mashed them up every which way, always trying never to lose their individual intensity, the overall thread and the general equilibrium. You both walk out of the little room, pretty much exhausted – the film is ready. It's called "Our beloved treasures and will be aired today, Tuesday 24 November, on ARTE. Initially programmed for 10.40 pm, it will be aired at 6.05 pm (due to special reporting on the terrorist attacks). It can already be viewed here and you can watch it until 23 January 2016. So, no excuse for missing it!"


Emmanuel Roy, editor and co-producer, with Blandine Grosjean, of "Our beloved treasures".

Last modification the 8 December 2016