Climate Ops

10 December 2015

"Operation Climate" was launched on 15 May 2015. A website in four languages accessible on all devices, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, five mailboxes, a team of around 10 people and a single challenge: to gather videos from the four corners of Europe !


We have received 800 videos, from 49 European countries, in almost 45 languages! Operation Climate becomes a film, to be broadcast on 24 November on ARTE. 

Discover the film "Our beloved treasures"!

"Operation Climate" becomes "Our beloved treasures", a documentary based on your images that will be aired on ARTE on 24 November. You can discover it below, as of now and until 23 January.

Global warming, change, disruption: the words to say it... or not

How can we write this first article for the start of the COP21, when we still don't know what will come out of this summit? Where should we start?