Burning Man: a utopia governed by ten principles

Country : United States

Tags : Burning Man, Festival

Created in 1986, the Burning Man festival is a myth for all the "utopians" of the planet. Black Rock City - the ephemeral city - is the heart of the event. Crazy, built by everyone, it will gather up to 70 000 people in the middle of the Nevada Desert. Burning Man is a unique laboratory, where sharing and exchange between participants, called "Burners", involve no money. At the end, seven days later, the works of art will be burned and all traces of human presence will meticulously and systematically be removed. The popular image of life at Burning Man is epicurean and, self-sufficient in a Mad Max style desert. The festival, however, is envisioned, and ultimately organized, such that Black Rock City becomes a utopian city with a radical humanism. Ten years ago, Larry Harvey, the founder of the event, established ten principals which collectively form the foundation of this vision.

Click on the bubbles to explore the ten principles put into practice by the Burners during the festival:

Last modification the 8 December 2016