"Breidjing - Life in the middle of nowhere", a comic by Damien Glez

Country : Chad

Tags : Breidjing, Camp, Refugees, Darfur

Prolific press cartoonist, published in some 10 countries, managing editor of the weekly Journal du Jeudi, columnist for Jeune Afrique, teacher at Ouagadougou university, TV screenwriter, active member of the NGO Cartooning for Peace: French-Burkinabe Damien Glez has no time to get bored.

After interviewing him about Afghanistan in 2011, freedom of expression in 2012 and Iraq in 2013, ARTE Reportage decided this time to top up the professional cartoonist's already full appointment diary by giving him a rather unusual assignment: produce a comic-strip report in the camp for Darfur refugees in Breidjing, on the border of Chad and Sudan. Damien Glez (pronounced "Glay") agreed, without batting an eyelid, to travel the 3,000 or so kilometers between Ouagadougou, his adoptive home town, and Abéché, Chad's second largest city. Here is his travel diary, in 15 panels.