5 days in Kawergosk refugee camp with the writer Laurent Gaudé

3 October 2014

For Laurent Gaudé, it was as if everything had come full circle. In his novel "Eldorado" (2006), he recounts the destiny of illegal immigrants. Of people who flee their country. Like those he met at Kawergosk. All of them left Syria only to pile into this refugee camp located in the north of Iraq. The French writer and playwright - winner of the Prix Goncourt 2004 for his novel "The House of Scorta" - likes to lend his voice to those who do not have one. He has met men who have told him of the work they have lost, of the boredom that fills their days. He has met women who fight to keep their tents clean in the middle of a mudfield. Laurent Gaudé tells of their sorrows, their suffering, their daily struggles…

The poems of Laurent Gaudé

Laurent Gaudé enjoys experimenting with new forms of writing, which is how he brought back his experience at the Kawergosk camp - a journal, but also some poems. Let's listen to them.

Expired Rights

Talk with Laurent Gaudé

In our “Word for Word” program, the writer Laurent Gaudé recalls the days he spent with the refugees in the Kawergosk refugee camp. “An experience that aged me”, he confesses